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  • Compact Garden Storage Solution
  • Rustic Overlap Panel Build
  • Tongue & Groove boarded Single Door
  • Windowless Design for Security and Privacy
  • Factory Treated for Transit
  • Flooring Options Available
  • Available in 2 Sizes
  • Base Coat Treated for Transit
Overall Dimensions (Includes Overhang)
  • (A) Width: 1.37m (4ft6)
  • (B) Depth: 0.95m (3ft1)
  • (C) Eaves: 1.43m (4ft8)
  • (D) Ridge: 1.91m (6ft3)

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no fuss returns

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in Great Britain


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All the reasons to love the

BillyOh Storer Overlap Shed

Great Value Garden Storage, Made Easy For You...

All Fixings
Rustic Overlap Panels
Comprehensive Assembly Instructions
Comprehensive Assembly Instructions Tongue & Groove Single Door
Optional Roof
Optional Floor

BillyOh Storer Overlap Shed Key Features

Single Door

Available in 4 Sizes


Rustic Overlap

T&G Single Door Construction

Popular Store & Workshop

Rustic Overlap Construction

High Internal Headroom

4 Size Options Available

Choose a Roof Cover to Suit Your Needs and Budget

*Roll on shingles are available on 8x6 only.

Premium Roof Options

Optional Solid Sheet or T&G Floor Materials

T&G-boarded Single Door

And there’s more...

What's Included

  • Optional Pre-Assembled Floor: (9mm OSB, 10mm Solid Sheet, 11mm TG, 11mm Pressure Treated TG, 19mm Pressure Treated TG, 19mm TG)
  • Optional Customer Assembled Roof: (9mm OSB, 8mm Solid Sheet, 11mm TG)
  • Optional heavy Duty roof includes additional trusses
  • Optional Felt Options: Sand or Mineral or Roll on shingles
  • Rustic Overlap Panels
  • T&G Door - Single
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Comprehensive Assembly instructions

Windowless Design

Windowless Design

Wide Opening Door

Wide Opening Door

Rustic Overlap Build and Construction

Rustic Overlap Build and Construction

Great Value Apex Building

Great Value Apex Building

This great value Apex building is a great compact storage solution for your garden. Available in sizes 8x6, the Storer T&G Shed is an ideal shed for new homeowners or couples looking for a small-scale and value for money garden unit. The BillyOh Storer T&G Apex Shed could be the ideal outdoor building to use as tool and mower, bike, garden furniture and outdoor toy storage.

The 3x4 option is great compact storage sheds for even the smallest of gardens. With their compact design, you can be guaranteed that this shed offers a great place to keep all of your small gardening items and equipment. The 8x6 also available, our most popular shed size and will fit perfectly into most gardens.

Great For Garden Storage

The Storer Overlap Shed makes a great addition to any garden that is tight for space. This great value unit will provide you with an inexpensive storage solution that has been designed to provide you with a cheap but reliable place to store all your garden items.

You don’t need to worry about your garden tools or garden funiture getting wet or damaged in bad weather. The Storer Overlap Shed offers a sheltered space to keep your items dry and safe.

Great For Garden Storage
Rustic Overlap Build and Construction

Rustic Overlap Build and Construction

This shed is constructed using 5mm overlap cladding, which creates a doubled up thickness where the panels overlap, helping to keep rainwater out. The panels are sloped and designed to overlap, allowing rain water to run off the panels and keep out of the shed. The panels design also creates small gaps, allowing air ventilation preventing the shed from becoming damaged with rot etc.

The value overlap cladding also provides a rustic finish that will complement any garden and look great, whilst providing a reliable and efficient build.

Windowless Design For Security

A windowless design offers you a more secure and safe storage unit where all your valuable gardening tools and equipment can be stored and kept safely out of sight. With the Storer Overlap, you can rest easy knowing that your garden essentials are safe and soundly stored away.

Windowless Design For Security
Simple Single Door Design

Simple Single Door Design

A simple single door design is a great feature of this value shed. It has also been pre hung in order to make the assembly of the unit as easy as possible for you.The door has been designed to open as wide as possible, making it easier for you when moving things in and out of the shed.

Alternatively, you have the option of positioning the door with a left or right opening. This means you can make sure the shed is right for your garden layout and can be altered to be the most suitable for you.

Select a Floor Option to Suit your Needs

Choose from a range of floor options. OSB offers a value floor for the shed, while the Durelis Solid Sheet provides a water resistant, standard level of protection. These floors are suited to lighter items being placed in the storage unit.

The 11mm T&G provides a stronger, interlocking floor for the shed. For larger and heavier items, we recommend, our premium flooring options which are the 19mm T&G floor and the pressure treated 19mm T&G floor.

If you’re looking for a floor which is durable and well protected, pressure treatment is a great choice. This floor option provides unmatched strength and durability. It also means no treatment is required at home.

Select a Floor Option to Suit your Needs
Roof Included

Roof Included

The Storer Tongue and Groove Shed includes a roof as standard, offering a protective covering for your items.

The 6x4 size option includes an 8mm Durellis Solid Sheet Roof. The roof is waterproof, protecting the interior of your shed from water damage and is a standard roofing option.

The 8x6 size has an 11mm Tongue & Groove roof included. The roof is made using the same interlocking panel build as the rest of the shed, maintaining consistency and offering a strong, durable roofing. The T&G roof has been designed to protect against harsh weather conditions and falling debris.

Additional Extras Available

For increased weather protection of your shed, there are various additional extras available with the Storer Overlap. To protect the roof, Green Mineral Felt is available.

All of our wooden buildings are factory treated to protect them in transit, however they require treatment after installation to maintain them. Paints and primers are available, in a range of colours, you can protect and customise your shed in a way which compliments your tastes and your garden. Note: paints and primers are delivered in a tin for application, not pre applied.

Additional Extras Available
Dimensions 3 x 4 8 x 6
Width 136.8cm 196.4cm
Depth 94.5cm 241cm
Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 142.7cm 143.2cm
Eaves Height (Internal) 144.6cm 144.6cm
Ridge Height (Internal) 188.8cm 188.8cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 190.8cm 190.9cm
Eaves Height (Excl Floor) 138.8cm 139.3cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 65cm x 158cm 65cm x 158cm
Ridge Height (Excl Floor) 186.9cm 187cm
Door Height 157cm 157cm
Door Width 64cm 64cm
Width (Internal) 114.3cm 175.8cm
Depth (Internal) 82.3cm 228.8cm
Base Width 127.9cm 189.2cm
Base Depth 95.9cm 242.4cm
Materials 3 x 4 8 x 6
Floor Material Optional Tongue & Groove
Roof Material Optional Optional
Roof Covering Material Optional Optional
Features 3 x 4 8 x 6
Windows N/A - Windowless N/A - Windowless
Factory Basecoat Treatment Optional - Dip Treated or Pressure Treated Optional - Dip Treated or Pressure Treated
Shed Type Storage Shed, Windowless Security Shed, Bike Storage, Small Shed Storage Shed, Windowless Security Shed, Bike Storage, Small Shed, Medium Shed
Supplied with Fixtures and Fittings Yes Yes
Cladding Style Rustic Overlap Rustic Overlap
Interchangeable Windows? No No
Locking System Turn Button Turn Button
Pre-Assembled Side Panels Yes Yes
Roof Style Apex Apex
Please Note: This product has been designed as an affordable solution to most popular light domestic uses. All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.